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San Francisco Rent Board Publishes 2.3% Allowable Annual Rent Increase Taking Effect in 2022

The San Francisco Rent Board announced the allowable annual increase for rent increases between March 1, 2022 and February 28, 2023.  Rent increases for San Francisco tenants living in rental units covered by the San Francisco Rent Ordinance’s rent control provisions are capped at 2.3% during this time.  With certain ...

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Do I Have to Leave My San Francisco Home When My Landlord Sells The Building?

With San Francisco’s red hot real estate market continuing to soar during the COVID-19 pandemic, many San Francisco tenants face the uncertainties surrounding a sale of their building.  San Francisco tenants are not required to move out, and should not voluntarily move out, where the landlord sells the building.  The ...

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Richmond Tenants Protected by Richmond Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic Rent Increase Moratorium Until September 30, 2020


On July 21, 2020, the Richmond City Council extended the Richmond Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic Rent Increase Moratorium through September 30, 2020.  Residential Richmond tenants are protected from rent increases during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.  The Richmond Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic Rent Increase Moratorium does not apply to Richmond tenants in single-family homes, housing built ...

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Oakland Rent Board Announces 2.7% Annual CPI Rent Increase Rate

Oakland Rent Board CPI Rent Increase 2020

The Oakland Rent Board announced the annual CPI rate for rent increases effective July 1, 2020, and lasting until June 30, 2021. Rent increases for tenants in Oakland rental units covered by the Oakland Rent Ordinance’s rent control protections are capped at 2.7%. Landlords may not serve a rent increase ...

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Richmond Coronavirus/COVID-19 Rent Increase Moratorium

Richmond Rent Ordinance Owner Move-In Evictions

Effective April 27, 2020, Richmond tenants in units covered under the Richmond Rent Ordinance are protected from rent increases until at least May 31, 2020.  The Richmond Coronavirus/COVID-19 rent increase moratorium does not apply to tenants in single-family homes, housing units built after February 1995, tenants in project-based section 8, ...

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San Francisco Rent Controlled Tenants Protected by Coronavirus/COVID-19 Rent Increase Moratorium

San Francisco Coronavirus COVID19 Rent Increase Freeze

Effective April 7, 2020, San Francisco landlords may not impose rent increases on San Francisco tenants covered by San Francisco rent control during the COVID-19 state of emergency. While San Francisco tenants are protected from rent increase during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, the rent increase is deferred until after the San ...

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Beginning in 2020, 90 Days’ Notice for Rent Increases Above 10% for California Tenants

90 Day Rent Increases Over 10%

Unless regulated by local rent ordinance, rent increase notices are regulated by state law, specifically California Civil Code section 827. Faced with a housing affordability crisis wreaking havoc throughout the state, the California Legislature recently extended the rent increase notice periods so California tenants can prepare for and respond to ...

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