Effective April 7, 2020, San Francisco landlords may not impose rent increases on San Francisco tenants covered by San Francisco rent control during the COVID-19 state of emergency. While San Francisco tenants are protected from rent increase during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, the rent increase is deferred until after the San Francisco rent increase moratorium ceases.

Following the cessation of the San Francisco Coronavirus/COVID-19 rent increase moratorium, the landlords can impose deferred rent increases by serving a new written notice. San Francisco tenants are not required to pay rent increase lost to moratorium deferment.

The San Francisco rent increase moratorium expires on the 61st day after Mayor London Breed signs the ordinance, unless renewed.  The mayor is expected to sign the San Francisco rent increase moratorium shortly.

Click here to read the unabridged San Francisco Rent Increase Moratorium.

If you are a San Francisco tenant with questions about your rights under the San Francisco Coronavirus/COVID-19 eviction moratorium or have questions about the San Francisco Rent Ordinance, San Francisco Rent Control, San Francisco Relocation Payments, San Francisco Owner Move-In evictions, or California Rent Control (AB 1482), contact Astanehe Law to speak with an experienced tenant attorney.