Astanehe Law represents California tenants who are facing tenant harassment, tenant discrimination, and wrongful eviction due to unscrupulous landlords. Because the firm aggressively pursues client claims and boasts a unique understanding of tenants’ rights and landlord-tenant law, its clients are poised for maximum recovery.

Astanehe Law differentiates itself from other law firms through its service orientated approach to representation. Astanehe Law’s client-centered approach to representation means clients do not merely retain a lawyer, but a dedicated partner who keeps them informed throughout the legal matter.

Michael M. Astanehe, of Astanehe Law, has represented numerous tenants and has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of California tenants.  Having practiced for several years, Mr. Astanehe developed an intense passion for helping tenants in need.  Mr. Astanehe dedicates his practice to serving tenants facing harassment, discrimination, unprepared units, and the prospect of a wrongful eviction.

Astanehe Law realizes that tenants often do not realize that they have rights, much less a potential claim against their landlords. Given this unfortunate reality, Astanehe Law offers consultations.  If your landlord is refusing to make repairs, threatening to increase your rent in violation of the law, or trying to unlawfully evict you from your home, please contact Astanehe Law for your consultation!

Astanehe Law represents tenants throughout California in court and at local rent boards. Do not let your landlord get away with breaking the law. Fight back by contacting Astanehe Law for assistance asserting your tenant rights!

You have tenant rights, it is time to use them!  Tenants fare best when represented by adept counsel.  Astanehe Law possesses the competence, experience, and insight to help tenants fight back.  Astanehe Law knows tenant rights!

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Types of Landlord Tenant Claims our Tenant Rights Attorneys Handle
In 2019, California passed a statewide rent cap covering millions of tenants. In addition to to limiting annual rent increases to 5 percent, after inflation, the law protects tenants from evictions by requiring just cause for evictions. If your landlord has violated California Rent Control by increasing your rent in excess of the 5% rent cap or wrongfully evicting you, contact Astanehe Law for your free consultation.

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Oakland is the first California city to prohibit landlords from asking prospective tenants about their conviction history on rental applications or during the tenant screening process. Codified at Oakland Municipal Code Chapter 8.25, Article I, the Oakland Fair Chance Housing Ordinance, which is already in effect, also prohibits landlords from conducting criminal background checks on applicants. Unscrupulous landlords who ignore the Oakland Fair Chance Housing Ordinance face lawsuits carrying severe penalties.

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For certain California tenancies, landlords are not able to evict tenants without having a valid just cause reason. To often, landlords fail to adhere to the law and wrongfully evict tenants. Where a tenant has been wrongfully evicted, they have a claim for damages and may recover their losses in court. If you have been wrongfully forced out of your home without a valid reason, contact Astanehe Law for your free consult.

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California landlord tenant law requires landlords to keep rental units in a habitable condition. Whenever a tenant reports a repair issue, the landlord must timely fix the issue. The landlord cannot refuse to fix the repair issue or pawn the repair off to the tenant. Tenants who living with repair defects have a legal claim and can recover their damages in court. If your landlord has failed to make repairs, contact Astanehe Law for your free consult.

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