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Can The Landlord Turn Off The Water in California?

Water is an essential resource that sustains life. So, it goes without saying that California tenants are entitled to water in their rental units. But, can landlords turn off the water in California? What about the hot water heater? And, how must landlords respond to complaints regarding water service in ...

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What May California Tenants Do When the Landlord Disconnects Utilities Like Electricity, Cable, Phone, or Internet?

California tenants facing retaliation and landlord harassment often experience service interruptions to their essential utilities and other services, such as cable, internet, and electricity.  Where the landlord or their property manager indirectly or directly disconnects the wires, California tenants have actionable claims for breach of the covenant of quiet enjoyment, ...

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Can the Landlord Charge a California Tenant for an Emotional Support Animal?

An emotional support animal is, “an animal that provides emotional, cognitive, or other similar support,” to a disabled California tenant.  California Government Code § 122319.5(a).  Emotional support animals do not need to be trained or certified.  Id.  California tenants with disabilities have the right to keep an emotional support animal ...

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Are Landlords Responsible for Crime in California?

Crime is intermeshed within the lives of California tenants residing in large cities.  Although no one wants to fall victim to a crime, it happens.  Questions for California tenants often arise regarding landlord obligations regarding crime and security.  When must a landlord take steps to prevent crime or take specific ...

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Los Angeles Tenants Gain New Eviction & Anti-Displacement Protections in 2023

The City of Los Angeles has one of the State of California’s most robust rent ordinances protecting Los Angeles tenants from dramatic rent increases, tenant harassment, and evictions.  As the COVID-19 eviction moratoria terminate across California, the City of Los Angeles promulgated new legislation designed to Los Angeles tenants from ...

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Oakland Tenants Now Protected From Pretextual and Technical Breach of Lease Violations

On Tuesday, June 6, 2023, the Oakland City Council passed legislation strengthening the Oakland Rent Ordinance to protect Oakland tenants.  The amendments limit pretextual evictions and evictions based on trivial or technical lease violations.  Not every breach of lease warrants an eviction lawsuit.  Now, Oakland tenants are protected from experiencing ...

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Can My Landlord Enter My Yard Without Permission?

California tenants are protected from unauthorized landlord entry.  However, California tenants must provide their landlords with reasonable and lawful access to the rental unit.  Although the law clearly covers the rental unit, must their landlords provide advanced, written notice of entry for California tenants with yards?  Or can the landlord ...

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California Tenant Water Service Bill Rights

As water plays a vital role in daily life and sustenance, understanding California law regarding water service bills is essential for California tenants to prevent excessive water usage, high water bills, and waste.  Please continue reading for clarity regarding California tenant rights regarding their water service bills, including late fees, ...

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