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The Unemployed Employee: Claiming California Unemployment Benefits After Hours Cut

California’s Unemployment Insurance program is not just for individuals completely out of work.  Even employed individuals can be “unemployed” for purposes of obtaining UI benefits.  Obtaining UI benefits while still employed is helpful when someone experiences a reduction in their hours or has been thrust into part-time work and have been unable ...

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How to Apply for UI Benefits in California 2019

Applying for unemployment benefits in California is easy and can be completed online.  Alternatively, you can apply for unemployment benefits in California by telephone, mail, or fax. Continue reading to learn how you can quickly obtain your unemployment benefits in California. Applying for Unemployment Benefits in California Online To apply for ...

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Spotting Broker Churning: Protecting Your Investment Account from Excessive Broker Trading

In discretionary accounts, brokers have the power to transact with their client’s assets freely. Although brokers typically act responsibly, sometimes brokers abuse client confidence for personal gain. Churning occurs when a broker buys or sells investments, such as stocks, in a customer’s account to generate excessive commission.  It is a breach of the ...

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Suffered Investment Losses? Sue Your Stockbroker for their Fraud, Misconduct, or Negligence!

Can I Sue My Financial Advisor or Stock Broker for Investment Losses? Yes, if you can prove that your financial advisor or stockbroker violated law or breached his or her fiduciary duty to you and you lost money as a result.  You may also be able to recover losses from the ...

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Filing a Petition for Writ of Mandate for Unemployment? Read This First!

Has the California Employment Development Department (“EDD”) denied your application unemployment? Has EDD sent you a Notice of Overpayment alleging you owe the State of California thousands of dollars?  Was your appeal to the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board (“CUIAB”) unsuccessful?  Then you may consider filing a Petition for Writ of Mandate at ...

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Your Privacy at Work: Employers and Social Media Passwords, Personnel Records, & Tracking Your Work Computer Usage


Rapid advances in technology have made it easy for employers to store immense amounts of data on their employees.  Although employees may attempt to guard their personal information zealously, laws designed to protect private information are necessary to ensure employers respect employee privacy.  Employers have a right to track employee activities during ...

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San Francisco Employee Protections 2019 Part III

The City & County of San Francisco shields workers from employer exploitation through the implementation of various laws conferring rights, remedies, and protections on employees. Not surprisingly, San Francisco employees are some of the nations most protected workers. This article provides a broad survey of some of the many laws actively protecting San Francisco employees. To read our part one, please click here. For more information about these laws, San Francisco employee protections, or to discuss an employer violation, please contact Astanehe Law for your free consultation.

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