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California Applicants May Lower Application Screening Fees Through Reusable Tenant Screening Reports

When searching for housing, California tenants applying for new rental housing are accustomed to paying application screening fees.  These fees range from $10 to $100, making applying to multiple listings an expensive endeavor.  Until now, applicants had little recourse but to incur the charges or apply selectively.  However, applicant screening ...

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California Public Sector Hospital Employees Entitled to Rest & Meal Breaks in 2023

Everyone knows hospitals are stressful spaces, particularly for those working inside.  However, public sector hospital employees were forced to contend with slightly greater stress than their private sector counterparts.  This is because, historically, public sector hospital workers were not entitled to protected rest and meal breaks.  Beginning in 2023, that ...

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Starting in 2023, California Workers Afforded Notice of Cal/OSHA Citations for Labor Code Violations

In 2022, the California Legislature passed AB 2068 requiring California employers to post notifications when they receive citations for certain California Labor Code violations, and any special orders or actions issued by Cal/OSHA. California Labor Code § 6318. The notice shall contain, at a minimum, the following information: Notice that ...

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The San Francisco Public Health Emergency Leave Ordinance

On October 1, 2022, San Francisco voters passed Proposition G, a new Public Health Emergency Leave Ordinance (“PHELO”).  San Francisco workers that work in a business with at least one hundred (100) workers globally are entitled to take up to eighty (80) hours of paid public health emergency leave.  San ...

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WARN Act Notifications Apply to California Call Center Employees

The Worker Adjustment & Retraining Notification (“WARN”) Act requires employers to provide California workers with at least sixty (60) days’ notice regarding a mass termination or plant closing. California Labor Code §§ 1400-1408. The requirements apply to California employers that have employed at least seventy-five (75) California workers in the ...

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The California Workers’ Rights in Emergencies Law Protects Leave During Natural Disasters

As wildfires and other natural disasters occur more frequently, California workers face an increased risk of suffering a catastrophic injury when reporting to work during a natural disaster.  Yet, many report to work during natural disasters out of fear of retaliation or suffering an adverse action, such as wrongful termination.  ...

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Reproductive Health Decision-Making Protected Characteristic Under California’s FEHA

The California Fair Employment & Housing Act (“FEHA”) protects Californians from discrimination, retaliation, or harassment in employment.  California Government Code §§ 12900 – 12996.  Presently, FEHA prohibits workplace discrimination based on specified characteristics, including but not limited to, race, age, sex, or medical condition. Beginning on January 1, 2023, FEHA ...

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Discriminating Against California Workers for Off-Duty Cannabis Use Up In Smoke in 2024

The California Fair Employment & Housing Act (“FEHA”) protects Californians from discrimination, retaliation, or harassment in employment. California Government Code §§ 12900 – 12996. Presently, FEHA protects California workers from discrimination, retaliation, and harassment based on a person’s race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical ...

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In 2023, California Workers May Designate Chosen Family Members for Protected Leave Under the California Family Rights Act

The California Family Rights Act prohibits California employers with at least five (5) workers from refusing to grant an eligible employee’s request to take up to twelve (12) workweeks of unpaid, job-protected leave in any year to care for their own or a family member’s serious health condition or bond ...

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California Workers Guaranteed 5 Days of Protected Bereavement Leave Following Family Member’s Death Under the California Family Rights Act

The California Legislature amended the California Family Rights Act, currently providing eligible employees with up to twelve (12) weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave to care for their own or a family member’s serious health condition or bond with a newborn, requiring employers to allow eligible workers to take up to ...

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