Unless regulated by local rent ordinance, rent increase notices are regulated by state law, specifically California Civil Code section 827. Faced with a housing affordability crisis wreaking havoc throughout the state, the California Legislature recently extended the rent increase notice periods so California tenants can prepare for and respond to proposed rent increases. Assembly Bill No. 1110 (“AB 1110”).

In addition to California Rent Control taking effect, January 1, 2020 saw a new statewide notice period for large rent increases take effect. Now, if a proposed rent increase is greater than 10% of the tenant’s rent at any time during the prior 12 months of the increase effective date, the landlord must provide 90 days’ notice. The notice period for rent increases of 10% or less remained unchanged and still only requires 30 days’ notice. Rent increases that took effect during the previous 12 months are included for purposes of calculating rent increase percentages.

AB 1110 provides California tenants with some additional time to prepare for a rent increase they cannot fight or afford. When moving is the only realistic option, this change provides the tenant more time to find a new home, move, enroll their children in new schools, change jobs, and take any other actions to prepare for the constructive eviction by rent increase.  Everyone agrees moving is difficult, this change seeks to make moving slightly less stressful for California tenants.

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