The Inglewood Rent Ordinance protects Inglewood tenants by requiring landlords to register each rental unit offered for rent for more than thirty (30) consecutive days within the City of Inglewood. Inglewood Municipal Code § 8-126.  Upon the landlord successfully registering the rental unit, the City of Inglewood will issue a registration certificate for the rental unit.  Id.  This ensures that units are up to code and that Inglewood tenants are being treated fairly.  Without a valid registration certificate landlords may not take several actions regarding the tenancy, as detailed below.

What is the Deadline to Register an Inglewood Rental Unit?

The initial registration date for a landlord to register an Inglewood rental unit was January 7, 2022. Inglewood Municipal Code § 8-126(a).  That meant the landlord had to file a registration statement with the City of Inglewood on or before that date and obtain a registration certificate.  For each subsequent year, the landlord must file a registration statement for most tenant-occupied rental units on or before October 1st of each year.  Id.

Are Inglewood Tenants Required to Pay Any Portion of the Inglewood Rental Unit Registration Fee?

Yes, the landlord may pass-through fifty percent (50%) of the Inglewood rental unit registration fee onto the tenant, provided they pay the fee timely. Inglewood Municipal Code § 8-126(h).  Where the landlord is lawfully permitted to pass-through a portion of the fee to the Inglewood tenant, they must spread the pass-through across twelve (12) months.  Id.

What Happens When An Inglewood Tenant Leases an Unregistered Rental Unit?

Where an Inglewood tenant’s rental home lacks a registration statement, the Inglewood Rent Ordinance provides several remedial defenses until the landlord remedies the problem, including:

  • The landlord may not advertise the rental unit for rent;
  • The landlord may not demand or accept rent for the rental unit;
  • The landlord may not evict any Inglewood tenant from the rental unit as they are unable to serve a copy of a valid registration certificate, which is a requirement to filing an unlawful detainer against tenants in rental units covered under the Inglewood Rent Ordinance;
  • The landlord may not file a petition, application, claim, or request with the City of Inglewood regarding the tenants or the rental unit;
  • Any pending petition, application, claim, or request pending before the City of Inglewood regarding the tenants or the rental unit must be paused; and,
  • The landlord may not increase the rent for the rental unit. Inglewood Municipal Code § 8-126(c).

Must Landlords Post Registration Certificates at the Inglewood Rental Property?

Yes, the Inglewood Rent Ordinance requires landlords to post a copy of the valid registration certificate at the property. Inglewood Municipal Code § 8-126(j).  The landlord must post a copy of the valid registration certificate in one of the following locations at the property:

  • In the lobby;
  • Near a mailbox used by all residents; or,
  • In or near a public entrance to the property.  Id.

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