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Inglewood Considering Protecting Inglewood Tenants with Short Term Rental Ordinance

The City of Inglewood, which already protects tenants through the Inglewood Rent Ordinance & Rent Control laws, is considering an ordinance establishing Short Term Rental regulations.  With an anticipated increase in short-term rentals once developers complete widespread development occurring throughout the city, Inglewood seeks to preserve its affordable housing stock ...

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Owner Move-In Evictions Under the Inglewood Rent Ordinance

Under the Inglewood Rent Ordinance, landlords are permitted to terminate a tenancy to perform an owner move-in or relative move-in eviction, which requires the owner or qualified relative to reside in the unit following the termination of tenancy.  Despite being a lawful just cause for eviction, the owner, or their ...

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Inglewood Coronavirus/COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium

Inglewood tenants are protected from evictions related to Coronavirus/COVID-19 income disruptions. During the Coronavirus/COVID-19 state of emergency, Inglewood landlords cannot evict a tenant for non-payment of rent due to Coronavirus/COVID-19 financial disruptions.  Additionally, the Inglewood Coronavirus/COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium includes a 45-day moratorium on all no-fault evictions. To qualify for eviction protections, ...

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