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The Inglewood Tenant Anti-Harassment Ordinance

The City of Inglewood Tenant Anti-Harassment Ordinance protects all Inglewood tenant from harassment perpetrated by unscrupulous landlords, property managers, or other representatives in bad faith.  By protecting all tenancies in Inglewood, and empowering tenants with a private right of action, the Inglewood Tenant Anti-Harassment Ordinance is a powerful law protecting ...

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The Inglewood Rental Unit Registration Requirement

The Inglewood Rent Ordinance protects Inglewood tenants by requiring landlords to register each rental unit offered for rent for more than thirty (30) consecutive days within the City of Inglewood. Inglewood Municipal Code § 8-126.  Upon the landlord successfully registering the rental unit, the City of Inglewood will issue a ...

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The Inglewood Tenant Buyout Ordinance

The Inglewood Rent Ordinance, codified at Inglewood Municipal Code Chapter 8, Articles 9 & 10, has four principal components, rent control, eviction control, an anti-harassment provision, and a buyout ordinance.  Where an Inglewood tenant’s landlord attempts to negotiate a buyout agreement – a private agreement where the tenant voluntarily agrees ...

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