The City of Los Angeles has one of the State of California’s most robust rent ordinances protecting Los Angeles tenants from dramatic rent increases, tenant harassment, and evictions.  As the COVID-19 eviction moratoria terminate across California, the City of Los Angeles promulgated new legislation designed to Los Angeles tenants from eviction and displacement.  The new legislation seeks to reduce a growing wave of displacement and eviction actions brought upon in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its attendant economic turmoil.

How Are Los Angeles Tenants With Unpaid Rent Protected From Eviction?

With the promulgation of the new rules, landlords must meet a minimum threshold before commencing an eviction action for nonpayment of rent in Los Angeles.  Specifically, Los Angeles tenants are now protected from eviction when they do not owe more than one (1) month’s rent.  Los Angeles Municipal Code § 151.09(A)(1).  However, the landlord may file an eviction if the Los Angeles tenant fails to pay the total rent owed the following month.

How Are Los Angeles Tenants Protected From Eviction Due to a Dramatic Rent Increase?

Now, landlords may be required to provide location payments to Los Angeles tenants displaced due to a dramatic rent increase.  Where a landlord increases the rent by more than ten percent (10%) or five percent (5%) plus inflation and the Los Angeles tenant is forced from their home, the Los Angeles tenant is entitled to a relocation payment of approximately $1,411 per Los Angeles tenant.  Los Angeles Municipal Code § 165.09(A).

How Are Los Angeles Tenants Protected From Eviction to House an On-Site Resident Manager?

Beginning January 31, 2023, Los Angeles tenants are protected from no-fault evictions to house a new resident manager, except where an on-site manager is required by law, or the landlord entered into a regulatory agreement and delivered it to the Los Angeles Housing Department on or before March 4, 2020.  Los Angeles Municipal Code § 49.99.2(B)(1).

How Are Los Angeles Tenants Protected From Eviction Based Upon Allegedly Unauthorized Occupants or Pets Necessitated by the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Los Angeles tenants are protected until January 31, 2024, from termination of tenancy notices or eviction lawsuits based on the presence of unauthorized occupants or pets necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Los Angeles Municipal Code § 49.99.2(C).  When the landlord seeks to terminate a tenancy based on the presence of unauthorized occupants or pets, the Los Angeles tenant is entitled to thirty (30) day notice to cure.

What Los Angeles Units Do These New Rules Cover?

In addition to covering Los Angeles units protected by the Los Angeles Rent Ordinance, the new rules also cover all multifamily properties in Los Angeles.

What is the Best Law Firm to Handle Los Angeles Tenant Legal Claims Such As Wrongful Evictions?

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