In 2022, the California Legislature passed AB 2068 requiring California employers to post notifications when they receive citations for certain California Labor Code violations, and any special orders or actions issued by Cal/OSHA. California Labor Code § 6318. The notice shall contain, at a minimum, the following information:

  1. Notice that the division investigated the workplace and found one (1) or more workplace safety or health violations;
  2. Notice that the investigation resulted in one (1) or more citations or orders, which the employer must also post for the longer of either three (3) working days, or until the unsafe condition is corrected;
  3. Notice that the employer is required to communicate hazards at the workplace to employees in a language and manner they understand; and,
  4. Contact information for Cal/OSHA and their website where employees can search for citations against their employer. California Labor Code § 6318(c).

The employer must post the notice in a prominent location at or near each violation referred to in the citation or order. California Labor Code § 6318(d). In addition to posting an English-language notice, the employer must make available the top seven (7) non-English languages used by limited-English-proficient adults in California, as determined by the United States Census Bureau. California Labor Code § 6318(e).