Although tenants in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles are, or will soon be, protected from Coronavirus related evictions, these temporary eviction moratoriums are limited in scope. They only apply to a narrow type of eviction – nonpayment of rent resulting from Coronavirus income disruption. Unscrupulous California landlords remain free to kick tenants out of their homes without cause throughout the state.  In rent-controlled cities, such as San Francisco and Oakland, landlords can still evict tenants for no-fault reasons, including to perform an owner or relative move-in, or effectuate an Ellis Act eviction.  Notwithstanding the recent Coronavirus shelter in place order, tenants can still lose housing.

Amid growing concerns regarding the Coronavirus pandemic’s severity and the shelter in place order, some landlords are continuing with business as usual, including one San Francisco landlord who is effectuating an Ellis Act eviction.

To bolster the San Francisco eviction moratorium, already in effect, San Francisco Supervisor Dean Preston will introduce a resolution urging a ban on all no-fault evictions during the Coronavirus pandemic.  The resolution also calls on California Governor Gavin Newsom to suspend or erase the Ellis Act.

If you are a San Francisco tenant with questions about your rights under the San Francisco Coronavirus eviction moratorium or have questions about the San Francisco Rent OrdinanceCalifornia Rent Control (AB 1482), contact Astanehe Law to speak with a tenant attorney.