On Friday, March 13, 2020, Mayor London Breed enacted a moratorium on residential evictions related to financial impacts and disruption caused by Coronavirus.  Effective immediately, the San Francisco Coronavirus eviction moratorium prohibits evictions of San Francisco tenants who suffered loss of income due to business closure, reduction of hours or wages, layoffs, or out-of-pocket medical costs caused by COVID-19.

How Long Will the San Francisco Coronavirus Eviction Moratorium Last?

The San Francisco Coronavirus eviction moratorium will remain in effect for 30 days, but the Mayor can extend it for an additional 30 days through Executive Order.  Additionally, the San Francisco Coronavirus eviction moratorium will cease if Mayor Breed declares San Francisco to no longer be in a State of Emergency.

How Do San Francisco Tenants Gain Coronavirus Eviction Moratorium Protection?

Under the Mayor’s order, a San Francisco tenant must notify their landlord of their inability to pay rent due to a Coronavirus related impact.  Within one week of providing the notice, the tenant must provide documentation or other information that they cannot pay rent.

A Coronavirus related impact includes a substantial income loss, hours reduction, layoff, or medical expenses caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, or public health orders related to COVID-19.

To qualify for coverage, San Francisco tenants must provide their landlord with documentation evidencing a reduction of income, layoff, reduction in hours or out-of-pocket medical expenses.  Examples of helpful document include pay stubs, time cards, proof of medical care or quarantine, notes from employers, schools, or doctors citing the Coronavirus, or medical bills. Additionally, job loss or job closure due to COVID-19 qualifies a San Francisco tenant for Coronavirus eviction protections.

How Long Do San Francisco Tenants Have to Repay Rent Excused Due to A Coronavirus Related Impact?

Tenants will have six months after the termination of the Mayor’s emergency declaration to repay any back rent.

What Other California Cities Are Passing Coronavirus Eviction Moratoriums?

San Jose recently passed a Coronavirus eviction moratorium.  It will take effect within the next two weeks and will last for at least thirty days.

Government officials in Oakland and Los Angeles are also calling for a Coronavirus eviction moratorium.

Further, a statewide Coronavirus eviction moratorium may soon be introduced.

Click here to read the San Francisco Coronavirus eviction moratorium press release.

If you are a San Francisco tenant with questions about your rights under the likely prospective San Francisco Coronavirus eviction moratorium or have questions about the San Francisco Rent OrdinanceCalifornia Rent Control (AB 1482), contact Astanehe Law to speak with a tenant attorney.