The Pasadena Rent Ordinance’s rent control protections (“Pasadena Rent Control”) keep Pasadena tenants housed by limiting rent increases to reasonable amounts.  For units protected by Pasadena Rent Control, the landlord may not increase the rent in an amount greater than an amount set by the Pasadena Rental Board no later than September 1st each year.  Alternatively, California Rent Control may protect Pasadena tenants not covered by Pasadena Rent Control or the Pasadena Rent Ordinance.  Click here to learn about the tenant rights provided by California Rent Control (AB 1482).

Is My Pasadena Rental Unit Covered Under Pasadena Rent Control? 

Only controlled rental units are subject to Pasadena Rent Control. Controlled rental units are all residential rental units, including unlawful rental units, and related housing services in the City of Pasadena, except:

  • Pasadena rental units in hotels, motels, inns, tourist homes, lodging and rooming houses, and boarding houses, where the occupant has not established residence exceeding thirty (30) days;
  • Pasadena rental units in a hospital, convent, monastery, extended medical care facility, asylum, non-profit home for the aged, dorm owned and operated by a post-high school institution, or rental units in a facility with a primary purpose of operating a treatment or recovery program, where the unit is incidental to the client’s participation in the program and where the entity provides the client with written notice of the temporary or transitional nature of the housing at inception;
  • Pasadena rental units owned or operated or managed by a non-profit organization pursuant to a tax credit program;
  • Pasadena rental units which a government unit, agency, or authority owns, operates, or manages, or in which government subsidized tenants reside;
  • Pasadena rental units exempted under the Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act, which are any single-family homes and condominium units and any Pasadena rental unit built after February 1, 1995;
  • Pasadena rental units that are a part of the Pasadena Inclusionary Housing program or the Pasadena Density Bonus, Waivers, and Incentives program;
  • Pasadena rental units where the landlord-homeowner lives with the Pasadena tenant in a single-family home, provided the landlord serves, at the tenancy’s inception, the length of the tenancy, and a statement that the tenancy may be terminated, and relocation is not required.The temporary tenancy may not exceed twelve (12) months;
  • Pasadena rental units where the tenant shares a bathroom or kitchen with the landlord-homeowner, provided the landlord-homeowner resides in the home as their primary residence. Pasadena City Charter §§ 1803(x), 1804, 1805.

Under Pasadena Rent Control, How Much Can a Landlord Increase the Rent?

Each year on or before September 1st, the Pasadena Rental Board announces the permissible annual general adjustment.  Pasadena City Charter § 1808.  The annual general adjustment becomes effective on October 1st.

The annual general adjustment shall be equal to seventy-five percent (75%) of the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index for the Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange County region.  Where the change is negative, the annual general adjustment shall be zero percent (0%).

How Many Days’ Notice Must Pasadena Landlords Provide Pasadena Tenants When Increasing the Rent?

Under Pasadena Rent Control, Pasadena tenants are entitled to thirty (30) days’ advanced written notice of a rent increase.  Pasadena City Charter § 1808(c).  Where the landlord fails to comply with this requirement, the rent increase notice and corresponding rent increase are ineffective.

What Information Must Landlords Include on Rent Increase Notices Served on Pasadena Tenants Covered by Pasadena Rent Control?

Under Pasadena Rent Control, Written notices increasing rent must include the following information:

  • Notice of the existence of the Pasadena Rent Ordinance and Pasadena Rent Control;
  • Notice informing the Pasadena tenant of their right to petition any allegedly excessive rent increase, except where the rent increase is under a petition for rent increase already granted by the Pasadena Rental Board; or,
  • Notice that no rent increase shall take effect until the landlord complies with all requirements mandated by Pasadena Rent Control. Pasadena City Charter § 1808(d).

When is a Landlord Prohibited from Increasing a Pasadena Tenant’s Rent?

The landlord may not increase a Pasadena tenant’s rent when:

  • The landlord fails to substantially comply with the Pasadena Rent Ordinance, and any regulations promulgated by the Pasadena Rental Board;
  • The landlord fails to maintain the Pasadena tenant’s home in a habitable condition; or,
  • The landlord fails to make repairs ordered by a Pasadena Rental Board hearing officer, the Pasadena Rental Board, or the City of Pasadena. Pasadena City Charter § 1808(e).

How Many Rent Increases Can Pasadena Landlords Impose on Pasadena Tenants Each Year?

Under Pasadena Rent Control, landlords may only impose one (1) rent increase per twelve (12) months on Pasadena tenants.  Pasadena City Charter § 1808(b).

Does Pasadena Rent Control Permit Rent Increase Deferment or Banking?

Pasadena landlords must increase the rent according to the annual general adjustment within twelve (12) months of the Pasadena Rental Board’s announcement.  Where the landlord fails to implement a rent increase pursuant to Pasadena Rent Control during the twelve (12) month period, they will not be able to defer or bank the rent increase and impose it in a later year.

My Landlord Violated Pasadena Rent Control, Do I Have a Claim?

Yes, you may have a claim for unlawful rent increase or wrongful eviction, which may entitle you to monetary damages, including a potential treble damages award.  Additionally, after prevailing at trial Pasadena tenants may also recover their attorney fees.

Unscrupulous Pasadena landlords often increase rent to an amount in violation of Pasadena Rent Control, or in lieu of performing an Pasadena Ellis Act eviction, or Pasadena Owner Move-In or Relative Move-In eviction.  Contact Astanehe Law to discuss the Pasadena Rent Ordinance, Pasadena Rent Control, or California Rent Control (AB 1482) with a tenant attorney today.