The Pasadena Rent Ordinance contains a Tenant Buyout Notification Program, which provides for regulation, monitoring, and enforcement of Pasadena tenant buyouts.  Pasadena City Charter § 1810.  Essentially, the Pasadena Tenant Buyout Notification Program requires landlords notify Pasadena tenants of their rights before executing any buyout agreement.

What is a Pasadena Buyout Agreement?

A buyout agreement is not an eviction or a termination of tenancy.  Rather, a buyout agreement is a contract.  In exchange for a tenant voluntarily agreeing to vacate their home, the landlord agrees to pay a monetary payment.  Buyouts are always optional and, to the extent not prohibited by law, the terms are negotiable.  This means the vacate date, payment, and other terms of the agreement are completely negotiable.  Pasadena tenants are free to refuse to enter buyout negotiations, negotiate the agreement themselves, or retain an attorney to try and reach a deal.  Although buyout agreements are negotiable contracts, the Pasadena Buyout Ordinance protects Pasadena tenants by regulating certain aspects of the buyout negotiation and agreement process.

What Requirements Must Pasadena Buyout Agreements Satisfy?

Under the Pasadena Rent Ordinance, Pasadena Tenant Buyout Notification Program must advise Pasadena tenants that they have the right:

  • Not to enter into a Pasadena buyout agreement;
  • To consult an attorney and/or the Pasadena Rental Board before signing the Pasadena Buyout Agreement;
  • To cancel the Pasadena Buyout Agreement at any time up to forty-five (45) days after all parties have signed it. Pasadena City Charter § 1810(c).

Additionally, the Pasadena tenant and the landlord must sign and date every Pasadena buyout agreement.  Pasadena City Charter § 1810(c).  Finally, the landlord must provide the Pasadena tenant with a copy of the final, signed buyout agreement.

Do Pasadena Tenants Have the Right to Cancel a Final, Signed Pasadena Buyout Agreement?

Yes, Pasadena tenants have forty-five (45) days after the date of the final signature to cancel a Pasadena buyout agreement for any reason without any fee or penalty.  Pasadena City Charter § 1810(d).  Further, when a landlord fails to comply with the Pasadena Tenant Buyout Notification Program or any related Pasadena Rental Board regulations, the Pasadena tenant has the right to cancel the Pasadena Buyout Agreement through the expiration of the statute of limitations period.

What Documents Must Landlords File with the Pasadena Rental Board?

Under the Pasadena Tenant Buyout Notification Program, Pasadena landlords must file copies of the notice of Pasadena tenant rights under the Program, and the buyout agreement within sixty (60) days of the completion of the final, signed written buyout agreement.  Pasadena City Charter § 1810€.

What Damages May Pasadena Tenants Recover Under the Pasadena Tenant Buyout Notification Program?

The Pasadena Tenant Buyout Notification Program contains a private right of action empowering Pasadena tenants to sue their landlords for violations of the Program.  Pasadena City Charter § 1810(g).  Pasadena tenants may recover their damages and a $1,000 penalty.