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Stockton Tenants Facing Retaliation for Reporting Habitability Issues: Sue Your Landlord

Stockton tenants are entitled to habitable homes.  Not only does California law require landlords to make repairs, but the Stockton Residential Rental Unit Inspection and Maintenance Ordinance, codified at Chapter 8.32 of the Stockton Municipal Code, also ensures Stockton tenants obtain repairs when living with intractable habitable issues.  To eliminate ...

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The Stockton Relocation Benefits for Displaced Tenants Ordinance

The City of Stockton provides Stockton tenants with relocation payments when suffering temporary or permanent displacement from their homes due to unsafe or substandard conditions cited by the government.  Codified at Chapter 1.52 of the Stockton Municipal Code and officially entitled the “Relocation Benefits for Displaced Tenants” Ordinance, the Stockton ...

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