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California Tenants Protected From Hazardous Lead-Based Paint Work by New Laws Taking Effect in 2023 & 2024

Whenever California landlords perform lead-based paint remediation or hazard reduction work, existing California law requires persons engaging in lead construction work to have a certificate permitting them to engage in lead-based paint construction, repair, remodeling, painting, or renovation work, or any work disturbing lead-based paint.  Unlicensed lead construction work is ...

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California Applicants May Lower Application Screening Fees Through Reusable Tenant Screening Reports

When searching for housing, California tenants applying for new rental housing are accustomed to paying application screening fees.  These fees range from $10 to $100, making applying to multiple listings an expensive endeavor.  Until now, applicants had little recourse but to incur the charges or apply selectively.  However, applicant screening ...

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California Tenants Silenced No More

Effective January 1, 2022, the Silenced No More Act – passed as part of California’s comprehensive efforts empowering survivors of harassment and discrimination and preventing future abuses – expands existing protections for California tenants signing settlement agreements in lawsuits or administrative actions, including at the California Department of Fair Employment ...

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Do California Tenants Have a Right to Display Black Lives Matter Signs?

With the Black Lives Matter movement poised to continue pushing for societal change into 2021 and beyond, many California tenants increasingly show solidarity by displaying signs supporting the movement in their homes.  While Americans generally value their right to freedom of expression, some Black Lives Matter signs have brought about ...

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The Complete Guide to COVID-19/Coronavirus California Tenant Protections

Astanehe Law's COVID-19 Coronavirus California Tenant Protections

NOTICE: Much of the information on this page is no longer in effect.  Please refer to more recent articles for legal information relating to tenant rights during the COVID-19/Coronavirus Pandemic/Endemic.   In response to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, many Californians are facing challenging times.  Thousands have seen their hours reduced, and ...

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