Employer Data Breach Response Plan!


With workplace data breaches becoming increasingly common, it’s essential that California employees prepare for a potential employer data breach. With this in mind, we created our Employer Data Breach InfoCard to give California employees a data breach response plan should their employer fail to protect private employee data adequately. Save our accessible Employer Data Breach InfoCard onto your smartphone, and share it with your friends. This way, you’ll always have a data breach response plan. Information travels at the speed of light, which means, should you become a victim during a data breach, you must act quickly to prevent identity theft.

Employer Data Breach Response Plan Variations


Employees who are the victims of data breaches are forever at a heightened risk of identity theft. However, the precise type of identity theft and concomitant response depend on the type of private information accessed and/or taken by unauthorized hackers. A data breach victim may not need to take all 9 steps contained on our InfoCard. Contact Astanehe Law to discover a personalized response plan considering your specific circumstances.

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Has your employer recently given you a Notice of Data Breach? Are they disclosing the type of information unlawfully accessed and/or stolen? Did your employer unreasonably delay in providing the notice? What legal action can you take in response to the data breach? Although this InfoCard provides a strong data breach response plan, it does not answer all of the questions a data breach victim may have. Contact Astanehe Law today for your legal information call. Astanehe Law can answer all of your data breach-related questions and help you ascertain what legal rights you have. Employers who fail to safeguard their employees’ private information expose themselves to liability and must make their employees whole.