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Can Landlords Force California Tenants to Use Smart Locks?

With the ubiquity of smartphones and smartwatches, landlords are increasingly installing smart locks – electronic front door locks operated by applications installed on various smart devices – throughout the United States.  Smart lock software is in more than 125,000 units nationwide.  Further, the smart lock market value is forecasted to ...

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Discriminating Against California Workers for Off-Duty Cannabis Use Up In Smoke in 2024

The California Fair Employment & Housing Act (“FEHA”) protects Californians from discrimination, retaliation, or harassment in employment. California Government Code §§ 12900 – 12996. Presently, FEHA protects California workers from discrimination, retaliation, and harassment based on a person’s race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical ...

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