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Berkeley Tenants Protected from Landlord Harassment

Unlawful entry, failing to cash rent payments, threats of violence, and coercing a tenant into vacating are forms of landlord harassment prohibited in Berkeley.  Spurred by the housing crisis, Berkeley landlords often harass tenants protected by the Berkeley Rent Ordinance into abandoning their home, which frees the unit for a ...

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Berkeley Landlords May Not Ask Tenants About Criminal Records on Applications

Beginning in 2020, Berkeley tenants do not have to disclose criminal records on initial rental applications. The Berkeley Fair Chance Housing law, also known as Ban the Box housing or the Ronald V. Dellums Fair Chance Access to Housing & Public Health & Safety Ordinance, bans the box for Berkeley ...

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Berkeley Rent Board Passes Rent Reduction Regulation

On Friday, April 3, 2020, the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board passed an emergency resolution permitting landlords and tenants to negotiate a temporary rent reduction during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.  The emergency regulation clarifies that under no circumstances will the lawful rent ceiling be reduced due to a temporary rent decrease during ...

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The Complete Guide to COVID-19/Coronavirus California Tenant Protections

Astanehe Law's COVID-19 Coronavirus California Tenant Protections

NOTICE: Much of the information on this page is no longer in effect.  Please refer to more recent articles for legal information relating to tenant rights during the COVID-19/Coronavirus Pandemic/Endemic.   In response to the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, many Californians are facing challenging times.  Thousands have seen their hours reduced, and ...

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Berkeley Enacts Coronavirus Eviction Moratorium

In response to the Coronavirus, the Berkeley City Council passed emergency protections for Berkeley tenants, officially called the COVID-19 Emergency Response Ordinance, which includes a moratorium on evictions for nonpayment of rent related to the Coronavirus, Coronavirus related income disruption, or after complying with a government Coronavirus precaution.  Codified at ...

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Owner Move-In Evictions Under the Berkeley Rent Ordinance

Under the Berkeley Rent Ordinance, landlords are permitted to terminate a tenancy to perform an owner move-in eviction or relative move-in eviction, which requires the owner or relative to reside in the unit as their principal residence following the eviction.  Despite being a lawful good cause eviction reason, the owner, ...

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Berkeley Tenants Now Have Ban the Box Rights in Housing

On Tuesday, March 10, 2020, the Berkeley City Council banned criminal background checks in nearly all rental housing units. The Berkeley Fair Chance Housing Ordinance prohibits landlords from conducting criminal background checks on prospective tenants and bans the box by prohibiting landlords from asking about applicant criminal history on rental ...

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Berkeley Poised to Ban the Box for Berkeley Tenants

On Tuesday, March 10, 2020, the Berkeley City Council will vote on a new Berkeley Ban the Box Housing law, officially called the Ronald V. Dellums Fair Chance Access to Housing and Public Health and Safety Ordinance.  The Berkeley Fair Chance Housing Ordinance will prohibit landlords from denying housing applicants based ...

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Berkeley Security Deposit Interest

Astanehe Law's Berkeley Security Deposit Interest

The Berkeley Rent Ordinance requires landlords to pay tenants interest on their security deposits.  Berkeley Municipal Code § 13.76.070.  Most Berkeley tenants can expect a security deposit payment every December.  The Berkeley Security Deposit Interest law applies to nearly all residential tenancies in Berkeley, even tenants not covered by Berkeley ...

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