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Pomona Urgency Ordinance No. 4320’s Just Cause for Eviction Protections

The Pomona Urgency Ordinance also contains a provision requiring just cause when attempting to terminate a Pomona tenant’s tenancy.  These provisions regulate why a landlord may evict a tenant and require relocation payments to Pomona tenants for certain no-fault evictions.  Pomona tenants forced from their home in violation of this ...

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Owner Move-In Evictions & Relative Move-In Evictions Under the Pomona Rent Ordinance

Under the Pomona Rent Ordinance, landlords are permitted to terminate a tenancy to perform an owner move-in or relative move-in eviction, which requires the owner or a qualified relative to reside in the recovered home following the Pomona tenant’s displacement.  Despite being a lawful just cause for eviction, the owner, ...

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