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Can The Landlord Turn Off The Water in California?

Water is an essential resource that sustains life. So, it goes without saying that California tenants are entitled to water in their rental units. But, can landlords turn off the water in California? What about the hot water heater? And, how must landlords respond to complaints regarding water service in ...

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What May California Tenants Do When the Landlord Disconnects Utilities Like Electricity, Cable, Phone, or Internet?

California tenants facing retaliation and landlord harassment often experience service interruptions to their essential utilities and other services, such as cable, internet, and electricity.  Where the landlord or their property manager indirectly or directly disconnects the wires, California tenants have actionable claims for breach of the covenant of quiet enjoyment, ...

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Can California Tenants Change Their Rental Unit Locks?

California tenants may wish to unilaterally change their rental unit locks for various reasons, including after losing their keys, suffering stalking, or when their landlord abuses the right of access.  Depending on the specific circumstances, the consequences of changing the locks could range from nothing to an eviction that ultimately ...

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