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December 26, 2019

Astanehe Law Files Class Action Against Oakland Employers That Flouted California Law


Hundreds of employees and applicants have suffered rights violations after two Oakland employers violated several California laws, including the Labor Code and FEHA. The employers force employees and applicants to disclose their criminal history and wage history as a condition of consideration for employment.

San Francisco, California – Hundreds of California employees and applicants suffered a denial of rights after an Oakland employer violated several California laws, including asking about applicant pay and criminal history. On November 18, 2019, Astanehe Law, a leading San Francisco employee rights civil litigation law firm, filed a class action lawsuit against Marriott International, Inc. (“Marriott”) and Monarch Equity Investments, Inc. (“Monarch Hotels”) for their unlawful intrusion into employee and applicant salary history, criminal history, and other related legal violations.

The Class Action Complaint alleges that Marriott and Monarch failed to adhere to California law by requiring, “class members to disclose salary history on their applications…before making employment offers,” and inquiring into class members’ “conviction history on their applications…before making employment offers.” Providing this information was mandatory for consideration for employment.

“These employers violated critical laws enacted to empower California employees in securing and retaining employment.” Michael M. Astanehe, counsel for Plaintiffs, said via a statement released on Wednesday, “For the Defendants to so clearly flout the law is not only a slap in the face of California employees but every California employer that has complied.”

Although the total number remains unclear, it is estimated that hundreds of Monarch Hotel and Marriott employees and applicants have been affected by the legal violations.

Astanehe Law is committed to furthering employee rights, including by ensuring California Labor Code and Fair Employment & Housing Act (“FEHA”) compliance through litigation. In addition to obtaining redress for affected class members, Astanehe Law believes other companies will learn from Marriott and Monarch Hotel and review their hiring materials to ensure that they do not violate California law.

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Michael M. Astanehe possesses a zeal for employee rights, social justice, and community empowerment. These principles led Michael to start Astanehe Law, where he assists employees throughout California to attain justice against their employers. The practice focuses solely on civil representation. Astanehe Law aggressively pursues affirmative cases against employers on behalf of employees who suffered discrimination, harassment, wage and hour violations, or wrongful termination. Astanehe Law knows employee rights!

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