Astanehe Law represents California employees facing harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful termination.   The firm also litigates class action employment discrimination, wage & hour actions, and other employee-related claims.

Astanehe Law offers consultations to employees facing employment harassment, discrimination, retaliation, or the prospect of wrongful termination. Our goal is to equip California employees with knowledge of their rights so that their employers cannot gain an unfair advantage.

No employee should be forced to work without dignity. Astanehe Law believes everyone deserves the right to equal pay, a discrimination-free workplace, and the ability to assert all of the rights California employment law affords workers. When Astanehe Law discovers that an employer is flouting the law or treating its employees illegally, the firm aggressively pursues the claim. This mentality, coupled with the firm’s unique understanding of employee rights, Astanehe Law clients are poised for maximum recovery.

Michael M. Astanehe, of Astanehe Law, has represented numerous Californians and has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of his clients. Having practiced for several years, Mr. Astanehe developed an intense passion for helping people obtain justice.  Now, Mr. Astanehe dedicates his practice to serving employees facing workplace harassment, discrimination, retaliation, wage & hour violations, wrongful termination.

Astanehe Law possesses a deep commitment to employee rights. To that end, the firm does not represent employers. Further, the firm volunteers over two hundred hours of pro bono and volunteer services helping Californian, with a focus on employment issues.

If you are facing employment discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or have been wrongfully terminated, contact Astanehe Law immediately for a consultation!

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Wrongful termination, also widely referred to as unlawful termination or wrongful discharge relates to unlawful employee dismissal. Accordingly, an employer commits a wrongful termination upon firing an employee without a just reason, often due to discrimination, retaliation, breach of the employment contract, or a violation of public policy.

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The law assures equal opportunity in employment by prohibiting discrimination. Discrimination occurs when employers treat an employee or group of employees unequally on the basis of a protected characteristic such as age, race, color, religion, gender, disability, or sexual orientation.

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Retaliation occurs when an employer punishes an employee for exercising a legally protected activity or right, such as filing a discrimination or harassment complaint, whistleblowing, or participating in a government investigation of the employer. Although retaliation is often subtle, it can include apparent actions such as a demotion, firing, salary reduction, or reassignment.

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Sexual harassment relates to unwelcome or inappropriate sexual conduct, including requesting sexual favors, making lascivious comments or sexual advances, or repeatedly asking an employee out to lunch. Subtle sexual misconduct, such as harassing someone based on their gender also constitutes sexual harassment.

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Employers must protect their employees’ private information, including social security numbers and financial information, from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure. However, this doesn’t always happen. Employer data breaches are increasingly common. You are entitled to seek justice against your employer if they allowed hackers to steal your private information.

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All employees are protected from hostile or abusive working conditions perpetrated by their supervisors, and co-workers. Despite taking many forms, employers must always provide a working environment that is free from conditions such as sexual harassment, racial harassment, LGBTQ harassment, and disability harassment.

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Employers must follow strict federal and state rules concerning employee overtime, breaks, wage and hour law, and fair pay standards. Employers who violate these laws are susceptible to sanctions, and a civil suit for damages, which a group of employees often bring as a class action.

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Employers and former employers must keep your confidential information private. Your employer may not spread or write false or defamatory statements about you.

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California’s Ban the Box Law, also known as the California Fair Chance Act, assists Californians with conviction histories with re-entry into society by prohibiting employers from asking about conviction history before making a job offer.

The California Ban the Box Law seeks to remove the stigma associated with previous convictions and give all applicants a fair chance at securing employment by making the unlawful consideration of conviction history an unlawful employment practice

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