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California Coronavirus/COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium Extended Until July 28, 2020

On May 29, 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom extended a previously enacted statewide eviction moratorium.  Under the new order, local governments may continue suspending residential evictions due to Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic related income disruption until July 28, 2020. Under the California Coronavirus/COVID-19 eviction moratorium, California tenants are protected from evictions if ...

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Owens v. City of Oakland Housing, Residential Rent and Relocation Board: Extending Rent Control to Tenants Separately Renting Rooms in Single-Family Homes & Condominiums

Tenants protected by rent control have been eagerly anticipating the California Court of Appeal First Appellate District’s holding in the much anticipated Owens v. City of Oakland Housing, Residential Rent and Relocation Board.  On May 29, 2020, the California Court of Appeal published its opinion, which reaffirms the widespread notion ...

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Getting Out: Breaking Your Lease During the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic

Before the Coronavirus/COVID-19 became an American pandemic, Californians operated under the assumption that 2020 would be a typical year.  In the year leading up to the March 2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 state of emergency declaration, thousands of California tenants, often lured by voracious employment prospects, entered into residential leases containing lease terms ...

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Oakland Rent Board Announces 2.7% Annual CPI Rent Increase Rate

The Oakland Rent Board announced the annual CPI rate for rent increases effective July 1, 2020, and lasting until June 30, 2021. Rent increases for tenants in Oakland rental units covered by the Oakland Rent Ordinance’s rent control protections are capped at 2.7%. Landlords may not serve a rent increase ...

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Inglewood Considering Protecting Inglewood Tenants with Short Term Rental Ordinance

The City of Inglewood, which already protects tenants through the Inglewood Rent Ordinance & Rent Control laws, is considering an ordinance establishing Short Term Rental regulations.  With an anticipated increase in short-term rentals once developers complete widespread development occurring throughout the city, Inglewood seeks to preserve its affordable housing stock ...

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Berkeley Tenants Protected from Landlord Harassment

Unlawful entry, failing to cash rent payments, threats of violence, and coercing a tenant into vacating are forms of landlord harassment prohibited in Berkeley.  Spurred by the housing crisis, Berkeley landlords often harass tenants protected by the Berkeley Rent Ordinance into abandoning their home, which frees the unit for a ...

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Oakland Landlords May Not Ask Tenants About Criminal Records on Applications

Beginning in 2020, Oakland tenants do not have to disclose criminal records on initial applications. The Oakland Fair Chance Housing Ordinance, also referred to as the Oakland Ban the Box housing law prohibits Oakland landlords from considering criminal record information and conducting criminal background checks at the initial rental application ...

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Emeryville Coronavirus/COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program

The Emeryville City Council recently passed the COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program, which seeks to prevent homelessness and displacement of Emeryville tenants impacted by the Coronavirus.  The City Council appropriated $400,000 from the disaster fund for the COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program. To qualify for the Emeryville COVID-19 Emergency Rental ...

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Emeryville Extends Coronavirus/COVID-19 Eviction Moratorium

As previously covered, Emeryville tenants impacted by COVID-19 are protected by a Coronavirus/COVID-19 eviction moratorium.  While the eviction moratorium is in effect, Emeryville landlords cannot evict a COVID-19 impacted tenant for non-payment of rent due to financial disruption related to Coronavirus/COVID-19. Initially, the Emeryville Coronavirus/COVID-19 eviction moratorium was set to ...

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Berkeley Rent Board Passes Rent Reduction Regulation

On Friday, April 3, 2020, the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board passed an emergency resolution permitting landlords and tenants to negotiate a temporary rent reduction during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.  The emergency regulation clarifies that under no circumstances will the lawful rent ceiling be reduced due to a temporary rent decrease during ...

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